Raisins OK, Grapes … Not So Good


Come on. Allergies to fresh fruit and vegetables?

Guess all the chemicals used in processing are good for the immune system.

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  1. A Random Person says:

    IIII actually, am allergic to uncooked carrots and apples, and I knew of someone who was allergic to almost all crispy fruits and vegetables.

    maybe it’s like that? though admittedly, I’d have said “raw” not “fresh”. Weird.

  2. k says:

    Search PubMed on “oral allergy syndrome”.

  3. SeaSpray says:

    Maybe it’s because of the pesticides that still get into the fruit or vegetable?

    I will only buy organic carrots because they are guaranteed to taste better because you will never get that pesticide taste. They take in a lot of pesticide too.

    I wonder what it is that causes them to be allergic?

    How old were they? Not 5 right? ;)

  4. Mama On A Budget says:

    Or maybe it’s someone with Crohns who, like me, can’t handle most raw fruits and veggies unless they’re blended to nothing or steamed to mush. You’d think it wouldn’t be this way, but it’s a lot easier to get medical people to understand “allergy” than to get them to accommodate a special diet for crohns or celiac.

  5. Steve says:

    My most interesting “allergy”

    On a trauma rotation- young guy drunk in a car accident, not being very nice

    Me: Sir, we have to do a rectal exam
    (The “trauma bay handshake” ensues)
    Patient: WHAT THE (insert multiple expletives here)!!!!

    Two minutes later:

    Me: Are you allergic to anything?
    Patient: Yeah I’m allergic to you @$$hole for putting a finger in my ass!
    Me (announcing to the recording nurse): patient is allergic to medical students, otherwise no allergies

  6. paul says:

    i saw an old dude who had “food” listed under allergies. he couldn’t remember what food he was allergic to. we didn’t feed him while he was in our ED.

  7. Although I claimed to be allergic to several vegetables in my youth (cauliflower, beets, asparagus), it didn’t take my mother and father long enough to figure me out. Of course…

  8. Lisa says:

    It happens. And while I don’t generally use US News as a source of medical info, here’s one link:


    Perhaps this is a little more trustworthy:


    If you get itchy in response to raw stone fruit, bananas, or kiwi, you should also be careful about latex—they are all cross-allergenic. I don’t have trouble with veggies, but I cannot eat raw bananas and have to limit my consumption of stone fruit to avoid crazy-making mouth itches.

    • Katherine says:

      Silly Americans, they’re KiwiFRUIT not kiwis. Kiwis are endangered flightless birds, you don’t want to be eating them >:(

  9. Inthebiz says:

    Both my adult children have had this almost all their lives. One is severly allergic to egg whites also and the other has serious hay fever.

  10. Erica says:

    It happens. Apples make my lips and soft palate swell. Fresh squeezed orange juice makes my throat swell…although, from concentrate isn’t an issue, go figure. Carrots have triggered asthma attacks. Cucumbers cause lip swelling. I’m also allergic to spinach and was told to pretty much just avoid fresh fruits and vegetables, even if they were negative on my panels, not to risk it.

    It has nothing to do with pesticides and everything to do with pollen.

    Cook it at a high enough temperature and the pollens are “dead” and the food edible.

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