WhiteCoat Challenge #6 Winners

It was a close vote, but here are the winners for WhiteCoat Challenge #6:

#14. A toast to MikeMD with the story about the boy who peed red wine
#18. Nurse K’s story about the hypochondriac who peed on his hand
#38. Hawkeye’s story about the patient’s vision that went from 20/20 to “just 20″
#42. Dr. JC’s story about the woman whose genetalia had a stroke
#46. Michael Kirk’s history of one personality stabbing the other in the genitals with scissors.
#56. Gregsky’s chief complaint of “coughing up small animals and scrotums”.

Winners please visit EP Monthly’s online catalog, pick a prize, and e-mail your choice and where you want the prize sent to editor-at-epmonthly dot com.

Thanks to everyone for their stories. You made this challenge another great success!

3 Responses to “WhiteCoat Challenge #6 Winners”

  1. Nurse K says:

    Yeah boiiiiiii. Woot woot. Mama’s gettin’ a mug.

  2. Hawkeye says:

    It’s cool that I am finally getting reimbursed (albeit indirectly) for seeing an ER patient. I wish I could be paid in travel mugs for every ER patient I see.

  3. MikeMD says:

    Sweet! Thanks! Loved the stories. Like I said, you just can’t make this stuff up.

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