What’s The Standard of Care for Strokes?

EP Monthly has taken a new twist on its Standard of Care Project.

This month, the editors published a statement regarding whether use of thrombolytics is the standard of care for a stroke. They’re asking emergency physicians who agree with the statement to log in and cast their vote.

The theory behind the project is that if several thousand emergency physicians agree that the standard of care does not require that thrombolytics be given for an acute stroke, those statistics can be published and used as evidence at a trial.

The whole concept is in its early stages, but if you’re interested, go to the home page for the project:


5 Responses to “What’s The Standard of Care for Strokes?”

  1. ER Doc says:

    What if you disagree with the statement? This seems very biased. While the data is weak, I still give thrombolytics and if I come in with a NIH Stroke scale of 25 within the window, I better be getting them

  2. Dr. Dredd says:

    I agree with ER Doc. There should be an “I disagree” button or the survey is methodologically worthless.

  3. Excellent points. We are in the process of adding the functionality that will allow respondents to disagree with the given standard. Keep the feedback coming! As a grassroots effort, this is a long-term project that will require a lot of give and take.
    Your help is greatly appreciated.

  4. Eric says:

    the “survey” states that only EM docs should reply. what about EM residents?

  5. Nurse K says:

    I really hope that you’re not going to use this as evidence in a trial. It’s just evidence that people can push a button on a computer screen.

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