Where’s the Love?

Apparently it isn’t just disgruntled docs who used to take board call and misguided gastroenterologists that have animus toward the emergency department.

Hey – it’s not like we sit down here and plan when to send patients upstairs.

When a tech brings the fifth OB patient in labor to the maternity ward in the past hour and the OB nurses circle around him, yell at him, and collectively threaten to kill him if he comes back, that’s taking things a little too far.

I wanted to find a baby doll, put it in a wheelchair, bring it up in the elevator, and push it out the elevator doors toward the OB nurse’s desk just before the elevator doors closed.

That’s not to say that ED personnel don’t feel like they’re getting dumped on at times, though.

When the shoe’s on the other foot and we get four patients in a row from the same private physician’s office – two of which are by ambulance … that right thar’s cause for voodoo rituals.

6 Responses to “Where’s the Love?”

  1. DT says:

    Apparently “the love” was about 40 weeks ago…

  2. SeaSpray says:

    “I wanted to find a baby doll, put it in a wheelchair, bring it up in the elevator, and push it out the elevator doors toward the OB nurse‚Äôs desk just before the elevator doors closed.”


    I am drinking coffee and thankfully just swallowed …thus avoiding the certain nasal lavage that would’ve occurred after reading that. :)

    You are so wickedly funny sometimes! I’m sorry, but I crack up when you get ticked off. Okay, I’m not that sorry. ;)

    That image is HILARIOUS …and a bit creepy ..HA HA!

    Oh the reactions would be priceless …not to mention what that would look like caught on hospital cameras.

    Even funnier …if it set off a feud where you all tried to out do each other.

    I think I wrote this in here once, but I have a friend who worked in OB for years. She said one night the OB doc was so ticked off because lab was taking too long that he sent a dirty diaper in the tube down to lab. LOL! Sure lab didn’t laugh tho. :)

    I also remember her saying that whenever ER gets any maternity patient, they don’t waste anytime getting them up to OB.

  3. SeaSpray says:

    PS – *SHE* said ER ..not me. ;)

  4. Rick says:

    Time for an oxytocin dart gun on the OB ward..

  5. Hannah says:

    When I worked in the ED, we’d always somehow have a string of psych patients that would get sent up to OB. It’s amazing how far a woman will go to fake a pregnancy or how much a psychotic pseudo pregnancy looks like the real thing.

    What really pissed off OB was sending up patients before the 16 week (?) mark. Usually confusion on the patient’s part or some Spanglish miscommunication. Send up enough of ’em and they’d end up sending back the ones who were only one or two days away from the cut-off point.

  6. Hueydoc says:

    At Christmas, I plan on having a trophy made with a golden dumptruck on top and will award it to our top local staff doctor who dumps everything in the ER – especially at lunchtime and 1630.

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