Know these people

Someone sent me this link and it’s amusing enough to pass on while I attend Daughter WhiteCoat’s dance competition.



3 Responses to “Know these people”

  1. SeaSpray says:

    Most were funny.

    I was fascinated by the seagull stealing the ice cream off the cone. Funny. But, intrigued at the bird’s ability to identify it’s object, plot and then execute said plot …culminating in it’s absconding with the man’s ice cream. I wonder if he/she was laughing? :)

    Also the reactions of the people funny too. I probably would’ve screamed when the bird swooped in.

  2. MamaOnABudget says:

    #14 is my favorite. I would so do that (but no one will take anything homemade anymore for fear of razor blades and poison). Maybe for my kids on April Fools Day next year…

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