Abbott Vicodin Announcement

Abbott Vicodin Announcement

3 Responses to “Abbott Vicodin Announcement”

  1. I have been on vicodin es 750 for 9yrs. i have a lot of medical problems. Well the pharmacy says they can not get them anymore and i am on hydrocodone 750 watson and they do not hardly work. How can i know what to do.

    Thanks, Bill

    • Ron says:

      I have been in alot of accidents Because of my line of work…and been on Vicodin ES since 1991…What is The Plan for replacing the “LIFE BLOOD”…type of Medication ?
      I haven’t been able to walk or do my work since it has not Been available !
      Are you people Irresposible or What…What are we supposed to replace it With ?

  2. leslie holt says:

    Hi Bill,

    I’m havng the same issue – it stinks. I wish I had answer for us both :-/

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