Sappy Dog Pictures

Just a couple recent pictures of our dogs that made me smile (post title from the late great William the Coroner – he’s been gone for more than a year now)

Smoking a Cigar-bone Petting me.








2 Responses to “Sappy Dog Pictures”

  1. SeaSpray says:

    These are great! Is dog in right a springer spaniel? Forget what breed you originally said. Our dog hugs like that.

    Dogs are wonderful. :)

    William was a good commenter. I’m sorry he passed away. I had a woman from across the pond, Elaine ..often comment in my blog. Then oddly she didn’t comment on my mom’s passing and then I found out she died around the same time too. I missed her. Some bloggers you connect with more than others and when they are no longer around …for whatever reason …they are missed by other fellow bloggers.

    Thanks for shearing the pictures.

  2. Mike says:

    Looks just like our Brittany, including the soulful (hungry?) expression.

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