Press Ganey’s Invalid Statistics

Remember that whole line about how Press Ganey won’t create reports or analyze statistics based on fewer than 7 surveys?

Yeah. That’s not true.

This report which was sent to me by a reader shows that the involved doctor was in Press Ganey’s 99th percentile! Oh. Too bad that the rankings were based on a single survey result.

Kind of like electing the mayor of a town based on one vote.

But don’t forget, everyone … Press Ganey CEO Patrick Ryan says that we need to just “suck it up” and apparently accept that most of their surveys have no rational basis.


Press Ganey Rating Single Survey



6 Responses to “Press Ganey’s Invalid Statistics”

  1. Long Time E.D. Doc says:

    This doctor is clearly an excellent physician and fine humanitarian. You can’t argue with science like this survey result. I am hoping his director gives him a pay raise for his outstanding work! (Doing my best hospital admin impression.)Keep up the good work.

  2. NurseHubba says:

    Yeah, we’ve had a month or two like this at our facility. Our ED staff gets emails from the big wigs congratulating us on our scores. Then, the next month, when scores are down from 100% (based on one survey), we get emails asking us what went wrong. I have a passionate hatred for Press-Ganey. Such a hinderance to good patient care. Satisfaction does not equal quality care.

  3. vp says:

    Admin pants after this stuff…ridiculous. We got one the other day (also based on ONE survey) where a patient complained about the MD speaking poor English. Hua? We don’t have any MDs with an accent in our dept. Turns out it was for another facility in town. Will PG correct this? Of course not.

  4. Nick says:

    Press Ganey is not like electing a mayor with one vote.

    It’s like predicting the election’s outcome based on just one surveyed voter, and then saying no other information about the issues in the election, or the candidates’s backgrounds or positions, should matter.

    Imagine that, and then imagine the election’s campaign managers accept this ridiculous notion, and devote all their energies to doing well in a crappy poll, rather than educating voters or studying positions or raising money for the real election.

  5. Paul Hochfeld says:

    It’s a little off track, but I received feedback on one of the Price Greedy “comments” that the patient was disturbed that I had a hole in one of my socks. If that’s the worst he/she can say about me, I must have done a pretty darn good job. (I wasn’t identified by name, but everyone knew who was the likely transgressor.)

  6. Amanda Ryden says:

    So maybe we could get some smart ER docs together and create our own survey for docs and method for getting accurate returns, sell it to the hospitals and make some dinero from a survey that actually has useful results.

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