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Undetermined Rhythm EKG

5 Responses to “Undetermined Rhythm EKG”

  1. Ted says:

    Sinus bradycardia with bigeminal PJCs and a lazy cardiologist?

  2. It appears that not every P wave is followed by a QRS complex, and not every QRS is preceded by a P wave. All QRS complexes are narrow, which would to me indicate that they are above the AV node in origin, right? I am not certain what the overall rhythm ought to be called, but this could be intermittent sinus exit block, Type-2 second degree heart block, with junctional escape beats of narrow complex. I am interested to see what other folks say.

  3. Dan Field says:

    2:1 block

  4. J. Stout says:

    Sinus bradycardia with frequent PAC’s (every other beat with compensatory pause).

  5. rocknicepac says:

    Posted on @twitter yesterday:

    Sinus brady ~35 c junc esc, nl axis, incomp RBBB, borderline low-voltage, no ischemia. artifact

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