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Welcome to WhiteCoat’s Call Room, a collaborative blog brought to you by Emergency Physicians Monthly.
Your host WhiteCoat will be joined by various voices from the house of emergency medicine in this independent online forum. Whether you want to comment on something that has been posted,  share a piece of your life, or just want to “lurk,” we hope that you’ll stop by often.
Doctors, other health professionals, and patients read this blog. The one thing that we ask is that everyone shows a modicum of respect. No personal attacks or flame wars will be tolerated. Challenge the assertions someone makes if you want to, but don’t personally attack the person making them. Comments that are out of line will be deleted.
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About WhiteCoat …
I’m a middle-aged ED physician who likes computers, martial arts, and taking pictures of sunsets. I have an amazing wife who willingly puts up with all of my idiosyncrasies and four great kids who don’t have any choice. My family is my rock.
Since I’m an emergency physician, my bias is toward topics that affect emergency medical practice, but anything is free game for my posts. I like commenting on recent medical news, computers, life lessons, and will even throw in a few family stories once in a while. *See disclaimer below*
Despite all my whining, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else but practicing medicine.

Why I blog …
I like to stimulate conversation about topics I think are important. A blog is like having my own “grand rounds” on my own web site. How cool is that?
It gives us little guys a platform to voice our concerns.
It’s addicting. Really addicting.

Material On This Blog
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I’m very laid back about other people using the content on this blog. If you want to use any content on this blog for non-commercial purposes, go for it. Just link back here. If you want to use content on this blog for commercial purposes, ask first. I’ll probably still be OK with it.
By submitting comments on this blog, you grant me unlimited permission to use those comments in the future. You are also responsible for what you write. Think before you hit the “Submit” button.
If you think there is any similarity between you and a patient I write about, it isn’t you. I may or may not change the age, sex, injuries, or complaints of the patients I write about. The 70 year old grandma with a hip fracture may really be a 16 year old star high school football player who skinned his knee. I may change some of the things that patients say or do for entertainment value. I repeat: It isn’t you.
Although I try to help people by posting some of the things I write, don’t take anything written here as medical advice. I’m not your doctor and you’re not my patient. Period.

Contact Info
Write me at whitecoat at epmonthly (.) com if you’re so inclined. I don’t check this e-mail address every day, so don’t expect an immediate reply. Remember, this blog is a hobby, not a job.


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