Other Useful Links

As I surf the internet, below are some sites that I have found to be interesting and/or useful … in no particular order.
Let me know if there are any dead links.

http://www.refdesk.com/ – an online library is one click away
http://www.bartleby.com/ – another amazing online reference library
http://www.highbeam.com/ – access to more than 3000 news/scientific/medical publications (requires subscription)
http://www.reporter.org/desktop/– “Reporter’s Desktop” has multiple links to help you find information about people and subjects
http://zipskinny.com/ – view your zip code’s census data and compare it with other zip codes
http://www.zillow.com/ – free online estimate of your (and your neighbor’s) home value
http://www.trulia.com/ – online real estate search similar to Realtor.com with demographic data, price, and popularity estimates
http://www.allmyfaves.com/ – visual collection of favorite internet links

http://www.emedicine.com/ – database of free medical information
Gray’s Anatomy
– pictures and descriptions of human anatomy
– interactive human anatomy including “over 1700 anatomical structures”
http://bodybrowser.googlelabs.com/ – detailed 3D model of the human body where you can peel back anatomical layers, zoom in, click to identify anatomy, or search for muscles, organs, bones and more.
The Merck Manual – free access to a library of medical texts
http://www.mdconsult.com/ – full text from several hundred medical books and journals (requires subscription)
http://www.diagnosispro.com – free program that creates a differential diagnosis based on symptoms entered
http://www.modernmedicine.com/ – contents of multiple medical magazines contained at one site
http://www.hospitalcompare.hhs.gov – compare national “quality indicators” for each hospital
http://www.netdoc.com/hospital-rankings/ – another site to compare hospital quality
https://catalog.ama-assn.org/Catalog/cpt/cpt_search.jsp – see how much Medicare pays physicians for management of a specific medical problem
http://www.statehealthfacts.org – a wealth of data on demographics, costs, and payments
http://www.livescience.com/ – very cool site with lots of interesting articles on science and health
http://dailymed.nlm.nih.gov – package inserts for all FDA-approved drugs
http://wiki.medpedia.com/– a wikipedia for medicine
http://www.acsh.org/ (The American Council on Science and Health) – debunking medical myths left and right

http://www.xtort.net – large list of freeware computer utilities
http://www.adrive.com/ – 50 GB of free online storage and backup
http://mozy.com/ – 2 GB of encrypted and automated online backup
http://www.comodo.com/products/free_products.html – free antivirus, firewall, rootkit detector, and other software
PC Mag.com’s Best Free Software of 2010

http://zoho.com – free online office suite similar to Microsoft Office
http://www.openoffice.org/ – free downloadable office suite similar to Microsoft Office

http://anonymouse.org/anonwww.html – surf the web anonymously
http://proxy.org/cgi_proxies.shtml – more sites from which you can surf the web anonymously
http://www.spoofcard.com – subscribe to this service and change the caller ID information on calls that you make
http://flightaware.com/ – track airline flights and see the real-time flight path
http://www.sidestep.com/ – free comparison of travel values across multiple sources
http://www.snopes.com/ – the ultimate site to debunk those urban legends

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