Top 10 Reasons Not To Practice Medicine in FLORIDA

There are a lot of searches that end up on this blog looking for the best state in which to practice medicine. Below are ten reasons why Florida should not be on that list.

Florida voters modified the Florida Constitution so that three successful medical malpractice suits against a physician causes an immediate loss of the physician’s medical license.

Did you think that your peer review documents were protected from discovery in litigation? The Florida Supreme Court thinks otherwise.

Thought you had medical malpractice caps? Not much longer.

Florida state medical inspectors may cite you as being a bad doctor for failing to stop a 13 week pregnant woman from miscarrying her fetus.

Welcome to one of the TOP FIVE Judicial Hellholes in the nation.

Prescribing opiate pain medications in Florida may get you thrown in prison.

Malpractice insurance rates in Florida are some of the highest in the country.

Attorneys in neighboring states may sue you for failing to properly prepare for one of the many hurricanes that hit the state each year.

Florida legislators want to create a law that basically requires everyone in the state who has been in a traffic accident and who may want to claim Personal Injury Protection to go to the emergency department to get “checked out” – no injury required.

Florida legislators have introduced two bills that would force sports teams to house homeless people in their stadiums and arenas or risk repaying millions of dollars the teams have received from the state.

Wanna purchase bullets for your gun? You may have to complete an anger management course, first.

Florida Bullet Buyers Need Anger Management Training









Florida police dress up as the Easter Bunny and stand by the side of the road to give motorists tickets.


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